How to calculate your profit or loss in crypto?

Input Fields

If you’ve been wondering How to calculate your profit or loss in crypto? then you’ve arrived at the right place. Our calculator is easy to use, being designed with three key input fields to help you determine your financial performance in the crypto market.

The first input field requires you to enter the “Price of one coin at time of purchase”. This represents the entry price or the acquisition cost of the digital asset you’re trading. This can either be an estimated price or the exact amount you paid when you bought the coin.

The second input field asks for the “Selling price of the coin”. This is the price at which you intend to, or have already sold your digital asset. This could be your targeted exit price or the actual sale price, depending on your trading strategy and market conditions.

Lastly, the third input field demands the “Value of your initial investment”. This indicates the total amount of capital you invested in the particular crypto asset. 

Output Fields

Once you have filled in the required input fields, the calculator works its magic to provide you with two crucial output fields. These figures serve as an answer to the all-important question: “How to calculate your profit or loss in crypto?”

The first output field will present you with “Your profit or loss”. This is the monetary difference between your initial investment and the proceeds from your selling price. It’s calculated by deducting the total buying cost from the total selling revenue. This allows you to understand if you’re making a profit or incurring a loss from your trades.

The second output field reveals “Your rate of return”. This figure demonstrates how many times you’ve multiplied your initial investment. It’s calculated by dividing the net profit (or loss) by the initial investment. This is a crucial figure that provides insights into the efficiency of your investment, helping you understand the true profitability of your trading strategy.

Our calculator’s key objective is to make crypto trading easier and more transparent for everyone. It assists traders in making data-driven decisions by providing accurate and clear financial insights. Use our crypto profit calculator today and never be in the dark about your investment returns again!

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