Three low-cap projects with potential in the next Bull Run

The cryptocurrency market is volatile, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gems to be discovered. If you’re looking to diversify your crypto portfolio, consider these three low-cap projects, each with a market cap under $100 million, and noteworthy potential for the next bull run.

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Decentralized Social: Decentralizing Social Media with Promise

Rating on Our Platform: 7.72

Decentralized Social, or DeSo, is pioneering the decentralization of social media. Unlike the current monopolistic landscape, DeSo aims to give power back to content creators who are often underpaid and under-monetized.

Why DeSo is Promising in the Next Bull Run

DeSo’s blockchain technology targets the archaic, ad-driven model of current social media platforms. By removing the walled garden that stifles external innovation, DeSo creates a freer, more equitable ecosystem. This makes it a potential game-changer for the next bull run.

Alchemy Pay: Bridging Crypto and Fiat Seamlessly

Rating on Our Platform: 7.47

Founded in 2018 in Singapore, Alchemy Pay acts as a comprehensive payment gateway. It bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and fiat money, facilitating easy conversions between the two.

Alchemy Pay’s Potential in the Next Bull Run

Alchemy Pay’s On-Ramp and Off-Ramp solutions simplify the crypto experience for both new and seasoned investors. With support for payments in 173 countries, its utility is hard to overlook. As more people seek easy onboarding into crypto, Alchemy Pay is well-positioned for the next bull run.

Galxe: The Future of Web3 Community Building

Rating on Our Platform: 7.28

Galxe aims to be the backbone of the Web3 community. Boasting 67 million users and partnerships with Optimism, Polygon, and Arbitrum, Galxe’s scope is far-reaching and ambitious.

Why Galxe Stands Out in the Next Bull Run

Digital credentials are Galxe’s ace in the hole. These on-chain records, ranging from credit scores to community contributions, offer high utility. As Web3 and DAOs gain traction, Galxe’s platform could become indispensable, making it a project to watch in the next bull run.

Conclusion: Opportunities in the Next Bull Run

Whether it’s decentralizing social media with DeSo, simplifying crypto transactions with Alchemy Pay, or building the future of Web3 communities with Galxe, each of these low-cap projects offers something unique. They present not only lucrative investment opportunities but also the potential to revolutionize different sectors, making them key players in the next bull run.

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