If you want a detailed analysis done by the coin-score team, of a project from a cryptographic space, please access the order form.
In the available time, the coin-score team will offer you complete report of each verified project, which will include graphs, 7 secondary scores for each analyzed sub-criterion, as well as an overall project rating and score.
After performing the multi-criteria analysis based on the computational algorithm, the resulting data is entered in the form of a standardized, well-defined text for each project in the input section of the GPT 4 Chat, owned by Open AI, and the result is provided in the form of an overall conclusion about the project, related risks and investment opportunities.
Cryptocurrency donors will have priority, because they help the analysis team to create new products, which will be available on the coin-score.ai website.
For an easy identification of donors, please fill in the corresponding field. Thank you!